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Business Development Program

The Business Development Program objective is to promote the growth of new and existing businesses in rural Eastern Ontario communities. 

GCFDC may contribute up to 50% of eligible costs for both not-for-profit and private sector recipients. Private Sector recipients can receive a maximum of $100,000 in EODP contributions during the current EODP contract period (2014-2018). This maximum can be met through one project or through multiple projects over the five year period. All costs are net of HST.

GCFDC offers the Business Development Program for projects focusing on the following categories and activities:

Expansion of Economic Assets

  1. Industry cluster development and expansion
  2. Labour market development (skills gap analysis, skills development, worker transition)
  3. Strategic planning and research studies

Business Development and Growth

New Business

  1. Training and Mentoring
  2. Business start-ups

Existing Businesses

  1. Productivity Enhancements (information and communication technologies, energy, new technologies, productivity assessments)
  2. Market Diversification
  3. Innovation/product development
  4. Succession Planning

Business Infrastructure

  1. Business Incubators
  2. Supply chain analysis and development

Apply now for projects to be completed by November 30, 2018. 

Please Contact  for more information. 


Eligible applicants for the Business Development Program offered by GCFDC are: legal commercial entities including individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives or trusts, and groups, alliances or associations and not-for-profit organizations including municipalities, municipal organizations, corporations, community development organizations, associations and Aboriginal organizations where the lead applicant is located in and/or represents business interests, business enterprises or the business community in Augusta, Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, North Grenville, and/or Prescott. Eligible applicants must have a Business Number.