Executive Director - Details


Title: Executive Director

Reports to: Specifically, to the Chairman of the Board and generally, to the Board of Directors

Salary Range: $84,722 - $111,104 per annum

Position Summary:

The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership and day-to-day management of the Corporation which exists for the purposes of investing in jobs, businesses, and innovation in our community. The Corporation is engaged in community economic development, business development, business loan and investment activities, and the provision of business advice and information services. The Executive Director is responsible for leading a small and dynamic team to manage the growth-oriented investment/loan fund and to deliver high-impact programs in a performance-based environment.


1. Board Oriented:

  • lead a strategic planning process every three to five years and an annual planning process annually, with the Board and staff
  • develop and execute measurable operational plans to deliver on the strategic and annual plans
  • report to the Board on performance against plan, biannually
  • assess policies for content and consistency between policies and with the Corporation’s bylaws, and recommend revisions where required, for Board approval
  • implement Board-approved policies and bylaws
  • ensure all Board and Committee meeting notices, agendas and records of meetings are issued in an accurate and timely manner
  • ensure sufficient and appropriate information is made available and accessible to Directors in a timely way to facilitate informed decisions
  • assist the Board in recruiting and orienting new Directors
  • act as an ex-officio member of the Board and all Committees of the Board
  • act as coordinator between the Board and Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)

2. Client Oriented:

  • cultivate demand for lending services to leverage the investment/loan fund assets for community and Corporate growth
  • provide objective, third party advice, counselling services, and information services to local entrepreneurs, businesses, and community organizations to assist them in implementing business development or community economic development initiatives

3. Staff Oriented:

  • recruit, hire, train, supervise, evaluate, and terminate Corporation staff in accordance with the policies of the Board, funding contracts and relevant government legislation
  • maintain personnel files and administer the employee benefits plan
  • clearly outline the lines of accountability and communication
  • ensure individual staff goals, program goals and Corporation goals are consistent and are being met
  • continually assess operations, service, and performance – identifying, recommending, and executing strategies, including in-office/remote work strategies, to promote ongoing health and success of the Corporation to the satisfaction of clients, funders, Board, community, and staff
  • assess the role of contracted services for information management, human resource management and other services to free up organizational capacity for growth-oriented activities and to relieve funding pressures

4. General Management:

  • oversee effective delivery of all programs, services, and operations under the guidelines of all relevant contractual and funding agreements, all applicable bylaws and policies as set by the Board of Directors, and applicable legislation
  • modernize service delivery with online and virtual platforms that meet client, funder, Board, community and staff expectations and satisfaction
  • take progressive action on electronic records implementation and technology adoption to achieve operational efficiencies and enhanced client service while giving consideration to workflow, privacy matters, and cyber security risks

5. Program Development and Maintenance:

  • engage clients and the community to identify business and community economic development needs to be addressed
  • develop programs and services in response to identified community needs and oversee their successful implementation
  • develop and maintain all Corporation programs and services
  • collaborate with other CFDCs to seek out alternative programs and services to deliver
  • prepare proposals for program funding and secure funds from diverse sources
  • forge and leverage partnerships and collaborations to facilitate growth and to diversify the revenue base in alignment with the Corporate vision

6. Administration and Financial Monitoring:

  • prepare annual operating, investment/loan fund and program budgets and forecasts with appropriate staff, Committee and Board involvement and submit to the Board for approval
  • administer the approved budgets
  • monitor income and expenditures and cash flow to meet budget requirements
  • report operating, investment/loan fund and program actual vs. forecast status, quarterly to the Board
  • negotiate all contract services and all program and service contracts and agreements
  • ensure accounting and other directives of funders are implemented and adhered to
  • ensure fair presentation of financial statements (in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations) that are free from material misstatement or error

7. Public Relations:

  • develop and implement a marketing and communications strategy to promote and maintain a high profile for the Corporation and to successfully market programs and services
  • actively promote the Corporation through speaking engagements, contact with municipally/provincially/federally elected and employed individuals, the business and broader community, other service providers, and the media
  • ensure all Board members and staff have the information they need to interact with the public in an informed and effective manner

8. Documentation and Confidentiality:

  • monitor all Corporation programs and services to ensure all reporting requirements are met
  • ensure all activities and client contacts are accurately documented as per the requirements of funders
  • recognize any information exchange (written or verbal) with clients, staff, other agencies, the Board, and Committees is confidential
  • recognize client and personnel files are confidential
  • ensure Board and staff adhere to privacy, information management, conflict of interest and confidentiality policies, agreements, best practices, and legislation

9. Risk Management:

  • actively assess the risks to and/or associated with, the Corporation’s people including Board members, staff, clients, and contractors and implement measures to eliminate and/or control risks
  • actively assess the risks to and/or associated with, the Corporation’s property, cyber security, privacy, software, hardware, finances, marketing tools and activities, public relations, and reputation and implement measures to eliminate and/or control risks

10. Knowledge and Research:

  • know the goals, objectives, strategies, and policies of the Corporation
  • know and understand all Corporation program and service guidelines, agreement details and eligibility criteria
  • be aware of all relevant services and programs available to the communities serviced by the Corporation
  • know the Corporation service area and all relevant boundaries
  • be familiar with the community profile and community plan for the Corporation service area
  • be aware of current affairs in the communities serviced by the Corporation
  • conduct research and analyze data to identify, evaluate and recommend opportunities for growth that align with the Corporation’s vision, including revisiting the expansion of the service area into rural Ottawa

11. Personal Development:

  • in consultation with the Administration Committee, develop and implement a personal development and training plan
  • participate in professional development to ensure that the level of service provided by the Corporation is always improving

12. Interpersonal:

  • establish and maintain the trust of the community, clients, Board, staff, and funders
  • develop and maintain an effective rapport with all staff and Board members to ensure staff and Board members feel comfortable in disclosing information, ideas, issues, and concerns
  • act as a role model for staff
  • maintain an active community presence (locally, regionally, and provincially – inclusive of CFDC networks)
  • build, develop and maintain strategic contacts, networks, and partnerships

13. Additional Responsibilities:

  • ensure the activity of the Corporation is organized and scheduled on a monthly basis
  • ensure that staff time including overtime, time in lieu of overtime, vacation leave or other leave is managed in accordance with the Personnel Policy
  • prepare for and participate in, and be responsible for program and service review and/or audit processes and the implementation of any resultant recommendations
  • support other functions within the Corporation which are outside of the identified responsibilities of the position, as necessary and as directed by the Board of Directors
  • perform other duties as directed by the Board of Directors

14. Qualifications:

  • a post-secondary degree/diploma in business, finance, economic development, public administration, or related field
  • five years of progressively responsible management experience – a proven leader
  • a minimum of two years of recent and relevant experience as a successful business owner or as a department or organizational lead - ideally in a nonprofit environment - responsible for proficient management of human, operational, and financial resources
  • a minimum of two years of experience working with a volunteer Board of Directors in a nonprofit environment
  • financial management experience demonstrating a solid understanding of high risk business lending, budgeting, and forecasting for operational funds and loan funds
  • experience in government advocacy, public relations, and marketing
  • a track record in securing program funding from diverse sources
  • experience in modernizing services, workflow, and management information systems, including cyber security awareness and knowledge of privacy legislation
  • knowledge of the needs of local businesses and the local economic environment will be considered assets
  • bilingualism (English and French) will be considered an asset
  • must be available to work flexible hours and to work remotely, as required
  • must have a valid drivers’ license and a reliable vehicle

15. Additional Requirements:

  • an influential, positive, flexible, creative, and inspirational leader with the ability to lead the Corporation through change
  • a strategic and entrepreneurial thinker with the ability to create a long-term vision, supported by short-term, executable, and measurable plans to achieve it
  • a confident decision-maker with the ability to make sound decisions in difficult circumstances, under the pressure and complexity of tight deadlines and competing interests
  • an astute collaborator with the ability to communicate, present, negotiate and solicit confidence with all stakeholders, including the media
  • a leader with the ability to be motivated while grounded
  • a skillful coach, with the skills to create and sustain a culture of innovation, creativity, growth, and performance excellence
  • a self-starter with a strong work ethic supported by impeccable judgement, ethics, and integrity
  • a competent user of popular computer hardware and software including Microsoft (Office) 365
  • an effective planner with demonstrated time management skills, organizational skills, and project leadership skills